Audio Creative Groovemaster III Tonearm

Audio Creative, based in the Netherlands, has lovingly created a modern take on the classic high-mass transcription tonearm. Available in 9″, 10″ and 12″ (12″ available with standard connector or SPU A).

The Groovemaster III features a titanium armwand with silver internal wiring terminating into a 5 pin din output connector. New for V3 is a fine adjustment counterweight making small tweaks to VTF a pleasure.  Options include a sliding SME style mounting base, a a smaller simple round base or the heavy weight base with fine and on the fly VTA adjustment; as well as wood headshell. we show prices in euros so as to avoid tacking on margin for currency fluctuation. A small shipping fee from Europe will be added to the order. Contact us for current USD price and to talk about a bundle with an Aidas or Tedeska cartridge.

Choose satin silver or charcoal accents, banana or S shaped armwand in the following lengths:

Groovemaster III Titanium  9″ ( 229mm P2S ) €1,921

Groovemaster II Titanium  10″ ( choose 240mm or 254mm P2S ) €1,964

Groovemaster III Titanium  12″ ( choose 290mm or 304.75mm P2S ) €2054

Add a mounting base, phono cable  and headshell:

‘SME style’ stainless steel mounting base €260

Rotary VTA mounting base €700

Small round mounting collar ( choose aluminum or stainless ) €48 alu, €87 ss

Headshell, dark walnut, choose silver or gold handle ) €169

Finish it off with din phono cable and step-up transformer:

AC Phonolink  5n silver phono cable 125cm ( choose xlr, Nextgen rca or ETI rca output termination ) €740

AC Mediator SUT  ( choose 1:10 or 1:20 ratio ) €1219 (see also RADA )

Groovemaster III