Audio Creative Groovemaster Tonearms

Audio Creative, based in the Netherlands, has lovingly created a modern take on the classic high-mass transcription tonearm. Available in 9″, 10″ and 12″ (12″ available with standard connector or SPU A).

The Groovemaster III features a titanium armwand with silver internal wiring terminating into a 5 pin din output connector. New for V3 is a fine adjustment counterweight making small tweaks to VTF a pleasure.  Options include a sliding SME style mounting base, a simple round base or the heavy weight base with fine and on the fly VTA adjustment. we show prices in euros so as to avoid tacking on margin for currency fluctuation. A small shipping fee from Europe will be added to the order. Contact us for current USD price and to discuss options.

Choose satin silver or charcoal accents, banana or S shaped armwand in the following lengths:

Groovemaster IV ( HS-01 headshell included ) €3710

Groovemaster III ( choose length / P2S ) €2390


Add a mounting base, phono cable, and headshell:

‘SME style’ stainless steel mounting base €295

Rotary VTA lift / base €795

Stainless mounting collar €95

Headshell, dark walnut, choose silver or gold handle )  €180

Headshell HS-01,  €245


Finish it off with din phono cable and step-up transformer:

AC Phonolink  5n silver phono cable, din to RCA, 125cm €790

AC Mediator SUT  ( choose 1:10 or 1:20 ratio ) €1860 (see also RADA )