RADA Electronics

Solypsa is the North America agent for RADA

Dalius Razanas and his team designs and builds all tube electronics in small batches, by hand, in Lithuania.

Look inside a RADA creation and you will see immaculate point to point wiring with a meticulous selection of passives. All chokes and transformers are made in house, with top models using silver wound primaries. These are not old-fashioned designs looking for some long gone era. These methods are used in pursuit of a clean and dynamic sound and specification that never forgets the music.

Your new reference electronics!

Precious phono preamplifier $3,095

  • V2 redesign coming soon!

Precious One V2 phono preamplifier $ inquire

  • 49db all tube gain, 6AU6 pentode first stage, E182CC triode second stage
  • SUT friendly low capacitance 20pf input
  • Zero adjustment minimalist design ( Very quiet ! )
  • In-house produced chokes and transformers
  • Output transformers with silver primaries
  • Passive components highly upgraded and tightly matched

Step Up Transformer $2,350

  • 1:10 / 1:20 / 1:40 ratios, other ratios on request.
  • Silver wound primaries
  • Permalloy core
  • Milled bronze casework, double shielded (polished bronze will patina)

Precious One line preamplifier $ inquire

  • Coming Soon!

Precious amplifier $ inquire

  • Coming Soon!