My name is Erik Peel. Having a lifelong interest in audio, especially vinyl replay (and attendant cultures- DJ, dubplate, audiophile) led me to acquire / setup / operate a Neumann VMS based mastering studio. This was a formative experience to say the least. One learns that calibration is critical and careful attention to the entire chain more important than any one piece.

Next came running a brick and mortar HiFi shop along with its owner. Lots of great people met and even further refinement of my taste in music replay. After that chapter I received a few calls from clients that needed help setting up their prized turntables and full systems. In time came my analog-centric audio distributorship and consultancy Solypsa. Working and playing in the wonderful Pacific Northwest. Available to consult on system design and setup throughout North America!

Get in touch with me to discuss any of your audio desires, analog and digital, here