Tedeska Cartridges

Solypsa is the USA agent for Tedeska Berlin. Each cartridge is made to order with a minimum of 14 weeks build time


Hyun Lee is a passionate musician and luthier making amazing cartridge by hand, one at a time from raw materials, per your order. How cool is that in the age of mass production! Mr. Lee’s mono cartridges have gained huge notoriety for their dynamic expression and beauty of tone, built with a non-ferrous armature. He also offers a full line of stereo cartridges and accessories. Material used are familiar to the luthier trade; tonewood, brass, nacre etc. Special attention is paid to each material and combination, even specially selected silver windings for top models ( no silver brightness!). At Tedeska each model is considered as a whole and not the sum of a few key materials or technologies. Please tell us a bit about your audio journey and where you want it to go!

  • Mono DT101l Invention (fixed head, 51mm) $4000
  • Mono DT101k Comes (fixed head, 31mm) $4000
  • Mono DT101u Dux (1/2″ mount) $3400
  • Stereo DST models please contact to discuss
  • GUTS-C copper headshell leads $200
  • GUTS-S silver headshell leads $225
  • Amalfi wooden headshell with leads (inquire)