Stefan Strohmetz never gave up on direct drive. We all knew that the early 80s direct drives offered unparalleled speed control and bass reproduction, but often lacked the body and tone colors a truly top class table should offer. Stefan designed a made-in-house low torque motor solution and has constantly refined his design since 1985! Handmade in Germany to your finish specification- such a luxury in today’s mass produced world. This table is very musical and accurate; worlds away from cold and sterile.

The Motus DQ brings all of this design maturity to an unsuspended design.

The Motus IIDQ adds a very well conceived full suspension. the motor/bearing/tonearm base are all mounted on the sub-chassis with bearing and arm rigidly connected (critical for microdynamics).

Either model comes standard as a one-tonearm plinth that fits 9″-10″ arms. You may option a 12′ tonearm plinth for both models.  The Motus DQ (w/o suspension) may also be ordered in a two tonearm plinth.

Choose from literally dozens of wood veneers, most RAL colors in satin or gloss, and many colors of Corian. Tonearm board prepared for nearly any arm.

Stefan offers his own handmade carbon and pom tonearm: the Vertex. A gimbal design in your choice of 9″/10″/12″ lengths. Traditional looks hide a labor or love with titanium bearing tolerances so fine it took years to perfect. If you want a neutral and musical presentation that is a serious value you’ve arrived!

Turntables made to order with 90 days typical production time. Priced in euro and converted to usd upon order to avoid adding a currency hedge.



Vertex tonearm in your choice of length (9″ / 10″ / 12″) €3650

Vertex tonearm cable 100cm ( rca or xlr outputs, also add 25cm €40 per )  €325


Motus DQ starting at €5900

Motus IIDQ starting at €8900


vertex 12z vr