NNNN Loudspeakers

NNNN hail from Oslo. What happens when some of the smartest people in audio put together a loudspeaker company? You get speakers that break the mold. They manage to truly stride across HiFi and Professional requirements smashing expectations along the way. Rune Skramstad, CTO, happens to be pushing the envelope in horn loading and performance per size areas. Oh and in his spare time putting together ultimate systems for ETF…


Comium 30– Designed to mount directly to a wall (or even ceiling) less than 5″ deep. Bringing true mastering monitor sound quality to a very design and space conscious form factor. Perfect for modern condo  / apartment spaces as well as high end boardrooms and gaming environments. Please inquire for price and options.

Gage 30– A modern re-imagining of the classic main monitor. Careful design has allowed the pairing of a very wideband 18″ woofer with a 1.4″ driver on an elliptical horn that plays with exceeding clarity. The result is a two way monitor with point source imaging and low distortion that is perfectly at home in the mastering studio and ultimate home stereo environments. Please inquire for price and options.

Devor 40/30/23/16 -The horn loaded Devor subwoofer models feature extra low distortion and a sub cardioid dispersion pattern, both of which make for easy placement and integration. Ultimate subwoofers for the most demanding systems bar none. Please inquire for price and options.

Trent 35/25 – Small footprint yet mighty capable. Transmission line loaded subwoofer ( 12″ or 18″ ) with omni dispersion pattern. Remember that transmission line loaded subs fall off at half the rate below resonant frequency versus a ported bass reflex sub, so these dig deep. Please inquire for price and options.

Ojas x NNNN ON series – Four modern reimaginations of the classic large format speaker system, at home in the most demanding audiophile systems or clubs. ON7 – ON2 will require large rooms 🙂